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Lost or stolen card

It is important to report your Oyster card lost or stolen as soon as possible.

If you protected your adult Oyster card with a security question and answer you need to:

  • Contact us so no one can use it
  • Get a replacement Oyster card and transfer any tickets or pay as you go credit to it
  • Or get a refund

Replacing a concessionary Oyster card

Please follow the links below to find out who you need to contact to report a lost or stolen Oyster photocard, Freedom pass or discount photocard, and to see if you are eligible for a refund:

Replacing an adult Oyster card

If you have an Oyster account you can report your card as lost or stolen online. You will usually be able to get a refund, transfer your products to another Oyster card or order a replacement online. Your lost or stolen card will be stopped so no-one can use it. Please sign in to your account.

Alternatively, you can contact TfL Customer Services on 0343 222 1234 (8am - 8pm), and we'll stop the lost or stolen card so no-one can use it. You can then either transfer tickets to a replacement card, request a refund or get a replacement Oyster card by post:

Transfer tickets to a replacement card

  • Get a replacement card from an Underground station or Oyster Ticket Stop. You'll need to complete a registration form and add a nominal amount of pay as you go credit
  • Call 0343 222 1234 (8am - 8pm), and choose a station to pick up the transfer
  • Pick up your transfer at your chosen station from the following morning, by touching in on a yellow card reader when you make a normal journey
    • For Travelcard season tickets you have three days to pick up the transfer. There must be at least 24 hours of the original ticket left
    • For pay as you go credit you have eight days to pick up the transfer, but if you are also transferring a Travelcard you will need to complete the pick-up within three days
    • For Bus & Tram Passes, please use the postal replacement process below
  • For a transfer to be made within 24 hours, you must know your Oyster card number and card security question when you phone TfL Customer Services to report its loss/theft

Get a replacement Oyster card by post

  • Order a replacement card when you call to get your card stopped. We'll transfer your ticket(s) or pay as you go credit to the replacement card
  • You'll receive your replacement card within five days. It may take longer if you don't know your Oyster card number or your card security question, as we will have to establish that you are the owner of the card.
  • Season tickets must have six or more days remaining


Whether you use the online process or contact TfL Customer Services, we can refund to your online Oyster account or process a refund to your bank account.

We will charge a £5 administration fee when processing refunds that include a season ticket. In some cases this may mean that no refund is payable.

Card security question and answer

You will have chosen a card security question and answer when you filled in your Oyster card registration form at the station, Oyster Ticket Stop, or when you protected it online. If you don't know your Oyster card number or card security question and answer, staff will ask you other questions to check you owned the card.